Saturday, August 23, 2008

A great day at the lake!

Last week Brock, Rian, My dad and I decided to go to the lake while everyone else was at school or at work. The other kids were so bummed because they had to go to school....but at least we gave them a ride in the back of the boat. They pleaded to go with us. I have to say that I found much joy on that lake with out a ton of boats and other people on it.
This is dad in the boat making sure that everyone is safe and does not try to hide some where and be a stowaway!

Living in Arizona has it's advantages in the Fall. The weather is still warm and the water is so enjoyable. Brock had some really good wake boarding. But of course when he did his best jump was when we were all staring at the eagle that was flying over us. I did get some good photos of it tho!

Dad still has it at 67! He can surf with the best of us. I am really enjoying this sport. It is low impact when you fall and you still have a challenge to stay on and to keep up with the wave. Brock has gotten the wave at a great size and so we can go for a while with out holding on to a rope.

Brock wiped out!

Then of course Rian and I get our cheap thrills off of jumping off the back of the boat while going real fast! We had such a fun time doing this over and over again. Brock finally thought we had enough photos of us doing this so we stopped. lol

Rian trying to get in his fill of wakeboarding before he leaves on his mission.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A great Example of Environmental Hysteria.....

I think my sister in law (Kory) will enjoy this the most.... I have always gotten a kick out of people thinking they are educated on a subject and then doing something really stupid. Enjoy this link.