Monday, January 19, 2009

My little girl---My little Basketball player

Rylee was asked to play basketball this year on a rec team. She is a tall girl and so her height advantage is great for the game. I do not know much about Basketball so thank heavens our friend and Rylees piano teacher Julie is coaching the team. She does a fantastic job. The girls have learned a lot.

I get a kick out of watching Rylee play. She is very fast and very competitive BUT when she sits on that bench she looks like a little prim and proper girl with her legs crossed. I laugh because she looks the most lady like every time! Oh Rylee I adore watching you!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Locks of Love

Sarah has not cut her hair but one time for a trim while being with us. That will be almost 3 years. She has always longed for long hair. When in the Orphanage in Russia, they would always keep her hair VERY short. It was something she hated. So her goal was to have long hair and to also make the decision when it was cut.
This winter break I told her that it was time for a trim. Her hair was looking pretty stringy. I also told her about what some girls do when they cut their hair......they donate it to "Locks of Love" so that children with cancer can have a wig. She thought that would be a really nice thing to do. I was so proud of her. When she found out how much needed to be cut off ......she had to way out the decision. This would mean that she would have the dreaded short hair. She decided to do it anyway to help the children. Way to go Sarah! She did something good AND she looks fabulous in her new haircut.