Monday, December 29, 2008

How one simple moment became a wonderful Christmas memory.

Our Christmas was a different one this year. Brock was gone til the 26th and so we had decided to post pone our family "Christmas". Then to add another thing into the brother Jared called a few days before Christmas with a plea of help from his friend. And that is where the wonderful memory began.......

Jared's kind hearted friend Jake has for years been going down around Christmas time to Mexico to deliver food, clothing and hygiene kits to those in need. This time they had two 35 foot trailers filled to the top with donated items from people. He needed translators and helping hands to deliver and hand out the items. Our family decided to post pone Christmas even longer so that we could go down on the 26th to help. There were a total of 20 of us who traveled for 4 hours down to Mexico. We went to places near Rocky Point, Mexico. We found small pockets of families living in Cardboard homes with out electricity or running water. Children that were wearing no shoes or jackets in the 40 degree weather. A young mother , 16 years old, that had a new born child .....she had no blanket or warm clothes for the child. Her roof was palm leaves and some wood. One of the ladies with us taught her how to swaddle her baby in a blanket to keep her warm. We saw a man that did not wish for anything for himself but was so grateful to have just clothes for his down syndrome son. We went into these homes and saw how they lived. We visited areas that have never seen help or visitors.

As Cody, my son, said "I just wanted to give the shirts off my back and the shoes I had on!"

The Scripture in Matthew came to mind several times "In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Matthew 25:40

This moment truly became a wonderful Christmas Memory.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A wise child and a wonderful sweet message of Christmas.

This young child is so wise.....he knows something that many adults will never want to know. This is a recording from a young boy calling into a Christian Radio station. May we all remember the true meaning of Christmas and remember our Savior Jesus Christ. And how much our Heavenly Father loves us for giving us his son.
Merry christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Twilight Before Christmas

Click here..... or

I laughed so hard with this. Of course I am a twilight fan. I have to thank juice box for putting some "Twilight" into my Christmas.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa came early!

We belong to the best church group ever! Our Yearly Christmas breakfast is always a delight for the children and the adults like the no fuss. (we can wear our PJ's if we want) Brock helped out with the cooking. We have this nifty pancake funnel that drops the batter on to the griddle for perfect pancakes. In the photos above ---1. Brock is in his Santa hat with Jared Annes making the pancakes. 2. Santa came this year all ready to hand out coloring books and candy. 3.My three girls were the only ones in our family willling to get a picture with Santa. I have to say he was a great looking Santas helper. He put up with the children (and some adults) sitting on his knee and even a few screaming babies.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Teenagers are fun.

Teenagers are fun... I am very entertained by the things that they do sometimes. Cody got asked to the Winter Formal and watching his date and her friends destroy Codys room was very fun to watch. They tore up a ton of phone books and decorated his room.....Our dog got lost in the pile. The best part was when Cody came home. His friend Chase and him cleaned it up and I was just praying that all the junk he had laying on the floor under those telephone pages where also being thrown away. :) Cody awnsered Justice back with a container of fortune cookies and a message inside them.
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Do ya know how to hula.....hoop?

Do you know how to hula-hoop? My family thinks they do! When we were at the park celebrating dads birthday, we took a bunch of hula-hoops with us. We made them at the Booher family reunion this past summer. They have gotten a lot of mileage. We dive thru them in the pool, throw them up in the air, jump thru them, and even swish them around our hips.

The best was watching my mom do it. Cody is a pro with 5 around him. Rylee can walk around while swishing the hoop around her. Kati is steady and confident. my sister in law Jen still has it in her. Sophie my niece wiggles like a hula girl. Austin my nephew can even swish that hoop. So if you want a hula hoop competition give us a call and BRING IT!

Cody and his 5 hoops

Mom and Rylee showing what they got.

Austin my nephew showing his style.......fingers up hips rotate to the left.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hawaii no ka oi!

Brock and I had such a great time in Hawaii with Jason and Amy Jarvis. It was a quick trip but we did a ton. We even got Amy up on the surfboard! The best was her and I catching a wave together side by side and high fiving each other.......yep one of those moments forever in our memories. It was the first time for the Jarvis's and so it was great seeing their excitment for the island that I love. They had to put up with my commentaries tho of every place........We had a good laugh about that. I was a pretty good GPS for everyone also.
We did the crazy thing in renting a convertible.....that was a laugh getting all the luggage in pluse the 4 of us.
Kumo cove we saw the turtles.......Scuba at Hanauma Bay.......... dinner at the Outrigger....... eating warm malasadas at Leonards Bakery........ahhhhhhhh I can not wait to go back.

mmmmmmmm those malasadas.

Amy and My toes in the sand........
Trying not to get our heads on fire......

Brock and I at the Outrigger Canoe club

Rian and the MTC October 22 2008

Yep a little late posting this..... But I still wanted to share. It was a fantastic experience taking Rian to the MTC. As I put on his name tag,, I had such a sense of pride. He is going to make such a fantastic missionary.

The Missionary Training Center is an amazingly organized facility. Before we said goodbye to Rian we had a nice chapel service. Rian was asked to give the opening prayer. Yes we had tears in our eyes when we said goodbye and we had to pry Rylee off of him.

Rians Address....he would love to hear from everyone.....
Elder Rian Booher
MTC Mailbox #198
PHI-QUE 1222
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A "wIcKEd' Show!

This week I had a great time with my Mom going to California to see "Wicked" the theater production. (She took me for my birthday present from 2 years ago...lolol. we finally found time.) It was amazing! I caught myself several times staring with my mouth open and also getting chills from the wonderful work these actors did. I love this story better than the "Dorothy"Version......... I think I am more of an "Elphie".
Before the show Mom and I went down to the Fabric Market. What a great place to find fabric at great prices. When we went to the theater that night we got to walk down the Hollywood Stars.......we stepped on one of my ancestors! Spring Byington is my Great Grandmothers Sister. I had to take a picture....if I can figure out how to get it off my cell phone I will post it.
Thanks Mom for a great trip!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Break

Fall break is about to end. As a family we tried to enjoy the days we could with all of us home. Rian leaves in a little over a week. For a couple of days we camped on the lake and enjoyed our last moments of the season wakeboarding, tubing and surfing.

We played frisbie, football, had a fire and everyone got along.....even Rylee commented how great it was being all together having fun. We all voted that next year we had to do this again. I kinda chuckled to my self that the least amount of money we have ever spent on a family vacation was this little camp out and of course it was their favorite. It just proves that you can still have wonderful life moments together and not waste money doing it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Teenagers and Cell Phones

Teenagers and their cell phones...... It surprises me sometimes "WHERE" they text on their phones. Recently Cody had to purchase a new phone. Why you ask? Did it just stop working? yes. Did he drop it? That would be a BIG yes. But WHERE did he drop it is the best question to ask. Read this comic strip....... My Dad saw this in the sunday paper and had to send it on to me. You see, Cody dropped his phone in THE TOILET. What person leaves his phone hanging on his pants or talks/texts on the phone in the bathroom? Obviously my teen son.
He sheeplishly brings it to me.....eeeeeuuuuh. And I tell him the best chance at trying to salvage it is to: 1. wash it off before HAZMAT comes. 2. put it in a bag of rice (ancient chinese secret that helps draw out moisture). After following my instructions (IF ONLY he had listened to me in the first place about not hanging his phone by his pant waist) it did "kinda work" for a few months till his birthday came around and he got a new one.
Can I curse him now that he has a kid just like him?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oh The Silly Traditions ..

Oh the silly traditions we do in each of our families. I am sure many of you can name a few. In my family one of my favorites is the "butter on the nose when it is your birthday" tradition.
We celebrated Rians 19th Birthday last Sunday as a family. This will be his last birthday at home for a while since he leaves in a few weeks to the Philippines....for 2 years. So here is HIS "Butter on the nose" photo.
The tradition is said to have started with my Great Grandpa Harrington. It was passed down to my Tutu (grandma) and then down to my mother and then down to me. It, of course, brings the birthday boy or girl luck thru out the whole year. The birthday person is usually caught off guard by a sneeky family member who smears butter on their nose....All the while the recipient is praying that it has not gone up his or hers nose. It is important to note that the this can ONLY be done one time.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Floating down the Salt River

The weather is still so amazing here right now. The water is still warm and the weather hot. Perfect for floating down the Salt River! One of my fun and crazy friends Kathy Gray suggested a float down the river........we all jumped on it. So five of us went- Myself, Kathy Gray, Kathy Rollender, Kelly Brienholt, Deneen Wilson and Monica Whiting. It took us around 2 1/2 hours. I thought it would be boring but we had a relaxing and fun time......good chats, funny pictures, beautiful scenery and good friends. There was no one else on the river which was awesome.....hmmm I wonder why?......oh yeah everyone is at school or work." type="application/x-shockwave-flash" quality="high" scale="noscale" salign="l" wmode="transparent" flashvars="cy=bb&il=1&channel=1513209474815966262&" style="width:400px;height:375px" name="flashticker" align="middle">

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Proud to be an American

This morning Brock and I woke up and with memories of this day......the famous 9/11. Brock was on a run and I was getting the kids ready for school. The phone was ringing off the hook with family and friends worried that Brock had been flying...........fear of him being one of those lost in that act of violence. I turned on the tv and with shock tried to comprehend what I was seeing. Brock walked in the door to see tears streaming down my face. Only a few know how closely this event is for Brock and I. We do not talk about it nor do we care to.

What we do speak loudly about is how proud we are to be an American and that no one can take away those feelings......not even a terrorist.

Brock served 9 plus years in the military and we have true patriotism for this country. WE proudly served those years. And I say WE because when he went off on assignments, spent months away from me in Iraq, and hours away from me and the kids, I had no regrets. I only had pride. I am proud to be an American. How proud I am of Brock.

Brock recently made a post on our family website. I want to share his words.

"A friend of mine called me a couple of weeks ago and asked me to be the keynote speaker at his commissioning ceremony. He had finished his long training to be an officer in the AZ National Guard. Their original speaker was the Governor, but she backed out and they called me (I guess I was on the short list).

We went to the ceremony Sunday and it brought back many memories. I held back the tears as I looked at those young men and women in uniform that are willing to lay it all on the line for me and for you. My friend was the distinguished graduate and received a saber. Rylee asked if I got any awards when I was in, and I told her, yes, but nothing as cool as a saber.The speech was short and sweet, and since it went well, I have posted it below. It was an easy speech to give since I believed in the message.

'General Salazar, Distinguished Guests, Graduates of Class 48, Families, and Friends,I am humbled and honored to speak to you today.I read recently in an aviation trade journal that in the near future airline cockpits will be so automated and computerized that instead of two pilots, there will only be one pilot and a dog. The pilot’s job will be to monitor the aircraft and its systems. The dog’s job will be to bite the pilot if he tries to touch the controls.
We live in an increasingly technical world of computers, PDA’s, cell phones, and robots. (Even my mother owns 2 robots.) The modern battlefield with data links of live video, Night Vision Goggles, infrared guided weapons, GPS smart bombs, and unmanned aerial vehicles is driven and managed with increasing technology. However, technology, as good as it is, will not win wars. People win wars, …but only if properly led.
In the increasingly technical battlefield of today leadership is more important than ever. Why? Because the power entrusted to today’s soldier is greater than ever. The stakes are greater. The consequences are greater. The need for leadership is greater.
The Southwest Airline Flight Operation Manual states:Southwest Airlines Pilots are expected to contribute to the accomplishment of the department and Company missions through disciplined and professional application of flying skills; however, performance expectations go far beyond technical competence. Southwest Airlines Pilots are expected to think and lead.
Why would Southwest Airlines place such emphasis on thinking and leading if the job is so heavily automated? Because they understand that we are in the people business and people need leadership.As officers in the military you are in the people business and your primary task is leadership.
Technology can make your job easier. If properly used, technology can make you a more efficient and effective leader. However, I would argue that technology cannot replace leadership. It cannot replace leaders like you. You must lead.
In the first Gulf War, coalition forces faced a large and well equipped Iraqi Army and Air Force. According to intelligence reports Iraq had over 500 combat aircraft (the largest in the Middle East at the time) and a well equipped Soviet style air defense system. They had forty three divisions of almost 500,000 troops along the southern front. In terms of troop strength and equipment deployed they rivaled coalition troops. They appeared to be a formidable foe.
At the end of the first Gulf War, 42 of the divisions were rendered ineffective, and over seventy thousand Iraqi prisoners of war were captured. Over three fourths of their tanks, artillery, and other armored vehicles were destroyed. Over 42 aircraft were destroyed in air to air engagements and 137 aircraft fled to Iran. I have a group photo of Iraqi fighter-pilot heroes from the first Gulf War. (bland piece of paper)
If troop strengths and equipment tallies before the conflict were comparable, what made the difference? Leadership! From Gen Colin Powell and Gen Schwarzkopf right on down to Platoon leaders and Flight Commanders, coalition troops were better led. Technology can never replace leadership. It can never replace leaders like you. You must lead.
I deployed to Incirlik, Turkey in July of 1991 as an A-10 pilot in the 78th Fighter Squadron. The operation was named Provide Comfort and our task was to patrol a no-fly zone in northern Iraq and give some relief to the battered Kurds who had been attacked and displaced by Sadam Hussein and his remaining forces.
It was a politically convoluted situation. President George Bush Sr. had stated that he did not want us involved in the conflict, but felt compelled. The top brass of NATO had expressed the same view. On some days we would air refuel from an airborne tanker (like a big gas station in the sky) that was also giving gas to Turkish airplanes, only we were protecting the Kurds in northern Iraq, and they were bombing Kurds in southern Turkey. The situation left a young idealistic Lt, like me, feeling like the whole operation was a waste.
In that moment of doubt it wasn’t the awesome firepower of the A-10, or the magnificent capabilities of the IR maverick missile that inspired me. It wasn’t the top brass mired down in the difficult political situation, or my Squadron Commander, a very effective manager, who inspired me. It was my Flight Commander, Captain Brian B. P. Pratt, and my Ops Commander Lt Col Dave Dill (Dill Pickle) who inspired me and kept me going with their leadership.
One day you may also find yourself fighting in a similar convoluted situation. The fog of war or a messy political situation may leave you or your troops uninspired. In that moment, your troops will not look for guidance and inspiration from “technology managers”. They will not look for leadership from some amazing new piece of technical weaponry. They will look for someone to give them true leadership and inspiration. When they need that leadership, will you be there to provide it?
After the victories of Trenton and Princeton, George Washington wrote, “A people unused to restraint must be led, they will not be drove.” Washington, although a strict disciplinarian and a stickler for details, lit the fires of patriotism and sacrifice in the hearts of his troops. People, particularly volunteers in today’s military, need leadership.
Can a computer inspire people? Can a machine motivate? Can Night Vision Goggles or an infrared sensor cause someone to risk their life for a cause? Can precision guided munitions light the fires of patriotism and sacrifice in a soldier’s heart?
Leadership, that magical stuff that motivates people to endure personal sacrifice and risk life and limb, requires the human touch. Strive to inspire, motivate, and give troops under your care a reason to risk their life even if that reason is nothing more than love for their unit and its members. You can light those fires of patriotism and sacrifice that will burn in the pages of history.
Today you are commissioned as an officer in the military. Your primary duties, like a captain at Southwest Airlines, are to think and lead. Technology can never replace leadership. It can never replace leaders like you. You must lead.I challenge you to be leaders. I urge you to be leaders. For the good of your unit; For the good of your state; For the good of your country – lead on!"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A great day at the lake!

Last week Brock, Rian, My dad and I decided to go to the lake while everyone else was at school or at work. The other kids were so bummed because they had to go to school....but at least we gave them a ride in the back of the boat. They pleaded to go with us. I have to say that I found much joy on that lake with out a ton of boats and other people on it.
This is dad in the boat making sure that everyone is safe and does not try to hide some where and be a stowaway!

Living in Arizona has it's advantages in the Fall. The weather is still warm and the water is so enjoyable. Brock had some really good wake boarding. But of course when he did his best jump was when we were all staring at the eagle that was flying over us. I did get some good photos of it tho!

Dad still has it at 67! He can surf with the best of us. I am really enjoying this sport. It is low impact when you fall and you still have a challenge to stay on and to keep up with the wave. Brock has gotten the wave at a great size and so we can go for a while with out holding on to a rope.

Brock wiped out!

Then of course Rian and I get our cheap thrills off of jumping off the back of the boat while going real fast! We had such a fun time doing this over and over again. Brock finally thought we had enough photos of us doing this so we stopped. lol

Rian trying to get in his fill of wakeboarding before he leaves on his mission.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A great Example of Environmental Hysteria.....

I think my sister in law (Kory) will enjoy this the most.... I have always gotten a kick out of people thinking they are educated on a subject and then doing something really stupid. Enjoy this link.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cruising in the Bahamas

Kathy, Monica and Me

I have to admit it was not one of our favorite family vacations together. But we had some great times on this trip. We traveled with three other families.....the Whitings, Grays and Brienholts. We all have children around the same age and so it was a blast to hang out with each other. We did a 5 day cruise thru the Bahamas, traveling to Nassau then to Coco Cay (the private island) and then to Key West. Nassau was our favorite day. We went to the well known resort- Atlantis. The sea life there is amazing. We spent every minute in the sun riding the water slides.

Brock and Carson racing down the slide.

The food was crazy good on the cruise and we took full advantage of it. Every night we would get together in the dining room to talk about the day.

Brock and I

Me and My Boys- Rian, Me, Cody and Carson

Booher Family Reunion in Kentucky 2008

Every two years we get together as a family on the Booher farm in Kentucky. It has been a great reunion every year.

At first it was over whelming to me to enter thru marriage into a family with 10 siblings. My family was quiet and small with my brother and I being the only children. Now all of Brocks siblings are married and have children. It has been a great experience for me to be part of such a LARGE and wonderful family.

On the farm the kids are able to run free and explore. The little ones delight in getting dirty and wet. Skeeter has a small fountain that she lets the kids play and get wet in. Going back to Kentucky is like going into a story book with all those wonderful old fashioned descriptions of what it was like to be a child.

The reunions are never exempt from work. The word Work and Booher are just the same. I have noticed that everyone of the Booher kids know how to work and work hard. This year we put fence posts up, poured cement, piled up scrap lumber, fixed electrical and plumbing. And everyone is working side by side getting to know each other better and catch up on each others lives.

The favorite activity of the older children is riding "useless" the golf cart. The big highlight is for Grandpa Ed to give them their "Useless Drivers license". This allows them to drive Useless themselves. They show it with pride. The dogs have gotten smart over the years and have always hitched a ride with the kids.
The "big kids" look forward to always having the fireworks display. I have to say we get the best seat in the house and the boys do a fabulous job at it.

Some other activities we did together where going on the homemade slip and slide, going to the public pool, having Slurpee's anytime we wanted, making hula hoops, horseback riding, swinging from the trees, bubbles, shrinky dinks, the sand box, the tight rope, jumping thru the hoop, family skits and family story telling. Such great memories we will all have together. It makes you leave and be so proud of being part of such a great family.

Rylee going down the slip and slide ..........

Carson trying to do 5 hula hoops. He got actually really good at hula hoop tricks.