Monday, June 30, 2008

A blast back to the 80's

This was the concert we had been waiting for for a few months...... STYX! It is one of Brock's favorite groups. I have to admit their songs are filled with memories. They are fantastic songs to sing along to. Alan got the most fantastic seats for all of us. His best childhood buddy Del was putting on the concert and so we were able to get tickets before they went on sale. There was 42 of us total that went. I do not know what I enjoyed most...... singing to their songs or watching everyone else singing and jamming to their songs. It was a blast fromt he past. Poor Brock was supposed to get home from flying at 1pm and he did not land until 7:30pm. (They added a few flights onto his schedule) He went straight from the airport to the concert. He made it right after the concert started. Just in time for his favorite songs!
Below is a photo of Nicole (Jen's good friend), my sister in-law Jen, me and Holly Talbot taking a rest in between Styx and Boston. I have to say that Boston was good but not as great as Styx.
Before we went to the concert we went to Roy's for dinner. (imagine that...going to my favorite restuarant) Gary (the manager) set us up in the banquet room and had the chef arrange a special menu for us. The Macademia Mahi Mahi was Killer and is always my favorite but many raved about the ribs. The chocolate souffle was a hit. So here is a photo of everyone enjoying their meals. We have such awesome friends to hang out with .....what a blessing.
Table one..................................................................and Table two!

My two great neighbors-------My sister in spirit and friend for life Deneen Wilson, Me, and my friend Lori Bond. They are the best neighbors and friends. Always willing to have some fun.
My fun brother Jared and my adorable sister in-law Jen are always a blast to do things with. Jared is a music nut and they pretty much know every song out there. It has been great having them live in the same state. We are able to have some fun memories together.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The things that keep us entertained!

Rian got a new camera for graduation from my is not just an ordinary camera. This camera will not shatter, can be frozen, put in water up to 10 feet, buried in sand and NOT have any damage done. I have told Rian that he is not allowed to put the companies claims to the test! This will make a great camera for his mission.

We went up to my brothers house to test out his new swimming pool and Rian brought his camera with him. It kept us entertained for hours. Enjoy the funny photos!

Rian looking fine
Kati jumping in the pool and catching the football!
Rylee catching the football.
Kati and Rylee
Carson and Brock holding on to me because my eyes were closed. (I did not want to lose my contacts!)

Cody looking sooooo attractive!

My nephew and Niece.

Brock, Rylee and Me

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer is here....

My mom keeping cool under her umbrella. Rylee holding on to Micheal.

Our little buddy Micheal analizing the goose.

The baby cute.

my niece Sophie

Yesterday my niece sophie came down to spend the weekend with my parents. I had some friends of ours, the Glaziers, 3 yr old for the day while they packed up their home to move to Utah. Mom had a great idea to take an adventure to the Bird Riparian in Gilbert. We made the mistake of going at was hot! We saw ducks and geese cooling off in the ponds....but that was about it. Mom wondered where the birds were. Well they were smarter than us. They were staying out of the heat!!!!

We stoped by the pond and fed the ducks for a while and absoluetly thrilled a newspaper photographer. She was sent out on an assignment to photograph for an article on the local parks in Gilbert. She was afraid that no one was going to be out in the heat. She had fun taking a ton of photos of the kids. Maybe we will be famous and be in the Tribune newspaper this weekend.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The book I just made Rian for Graduation.

I can not believe I have a son that just graduated.......I made this book for him for him to remember the years he has had with me. I have reflected alot as a mother on what his future holds for him. I know that he has been taught right. I know he will make a difference for good in this world.