Monday, March 7, 2011

The House that built me.....

Emotions were close to the surface as I pulled into the driveway. This would probably be the last time I came to visit this old home. It was more than just a house to me. It was my grandparents home. The home my father and his brother and sister were raised in. And since my grandparents death my Aunt and Uncle had been living in it. But it was my house was the house that built me.
There were so many lessons I learned coming to this home. I loved going to visit my grandparents. When I lived on the outer islands (Hawaii , Molokai) Mom and Dad would let me come visit Oahu and stay with Grandma and Grandpa. When we moved back to Oahu our visits were almost every sunday for Grandpas dinners......sometimes it was just sandwiches, chips and yummy bread and butter pickles. It always tasted the best at their home. I learned how important family was in this home.
I learned to pray at this house. When I would spend the night Grandma would always come upstairs and tuck me in. She would pray with me. Even when I was a teenager she would still do this.
I learned about Jesus in this house. Grandma would always bear here testimony to me and how important the gospel of Jesus Christ is. She caught me I was a Child of God. I was important.
I learned how to cardboard slide at this house. Grandma would take me to mid pacific hills just a walk away and we would tackle the large hills. Grandma would even do it. It still brings a smile to my face. I learned you can have fun at any age. We all are still kids at heart.
So many lessons, so many memories, so much love from this home. It is hard for me to say goodbye.
I can still see my grandmother standing in the front window waving goodbye to us. She did that every time we left her home.
I am grateful for this house that built me.