Monday, November 24, 2008

Do ya know how to hula.....hoop?

Do you know how to hula-hoop? My family thinks they do! When we were at the park celebrating dads birthday, we took a bunch of hula-hoops with us. We made them at the Booher family reunion this past summer. They have gotten a lot of mileage. We dive thru them in the pool, throw them up in the air, jump thru them, and even swish them around our hips.

The best was watching my mom do it. Cody is a pro with 5 around him. Rylee can walk around while swishing the hoop around her. Kati is steady and confident. my sister in law Jen still has it in her. Sophie my niece wiggles like a hula girl. Austin my nephew can even swish that hoop. So if you want a hula hoop competition give us a call and BRING IT!

Cody and his 5 hoops

Mom and Rylee showing what they got.

Austin my nephew showing his style.......fingers up hips rotate to the left.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hawaii no ka oi!

Brock and I had such a great time in Hawaii with Jason and Amy Jarvis. It was a quick trip but we did a ton. We even got Amy up on the surfboard! The best was her and I catching a wave together side by side and high fiving each other.......yep one of those moments forever in our memories. It was the first time for the Jarvis's and so it was great seeing their excitment for the island that I love. They had to put up with my commentaries tho of every place........We had a good laugh about that. I was a pretty good GPS for everyone also.
We did the crazy thing in renting a convertible.....that was a laugh getting all the luggage in pluse the 4 of us.
Kumo cove we saw the turtles.......Scuba at Hanauma Bay.......... dinner at the Outrigger....... eating warm malasadas at Leonards Bakery........ahhhhhhhh I can not wait to go back.

mmmmmmmm those malasadas.

Amy and My toes in the sand........
Trying not to get our heads on fire......

Brock and I at the Outrigger Canoe club

Rian and the MTC October 22 2008

Yep a little late posting this..... But I still wanted to share. It was a fantastic experience taking Rian to the MTC. As I put on his name tag,, I had such a sense of pride. He is going to make such a fantastic missionary.

The Missionary Training Center is an amazingly organized facility. Before we said goodbye to Rian we had a nice chapel service. Rian was asked to give the opening prayer. Yes we had tears in our eyes when we said goodbye and we had to pry Rylee off of him.

Rians Address....he would love to hear from everyone.....
Elder Rian Booher
MTC Mailbox #198
PHI-QUE 1222
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793