Friday, May 30, 2008

A bit of May.......

May is an awesome month.....yep May 1st is Lei day in Hawaii, Mothers day is in May, my oldest son Rian graduated, my youngest son turned 12 on May 15th and My moms and my birthday is in May. So It has to be a great month. I know a lot of great people born in may......Are YOU one of them? If you are then tell me one thing great!

The photo I posted is of Brock, myself and my mom and dad. The guys decided to take mom and I out for Dinner for our birthdays! I have to say they ROCK for this. Roy's is my favorite restaurant. They have the best food from Hawaii. I reccomend the Mahi Mahi with macadamia nuts and then the chocolate souffle (what ever the spelling). It was a wonderful evening in May.

Monday, May 5, 2008

A girls trip...

Since my trip to Hawaii was cancelled last minute, thanks to ATA going bankrupt, Brock thought of a great idea of going on a cruise. He knew how disappointed I was not being able to go to Liana's wedding. 'Totally Awesome!" I said after he called me on my cell phone. He arranged for me and 3 of my friends to go to the Bahamas for 4 days. We got a killer deal.
We had little over a week to get things arranged. The night before I was still busy making matching tshirts(see the logo to the left) and matching bags, coin purses and luggage tags! Our "Chicks" looked fabalous and so did we. Brock thought we were nuts since I was busy with the matching garb and not packing my bags......No biggy our plane was leaving in 8 hours. I can pack what I remember and what I forget I can buy on the trip....This is every woman's thoughts right?
The trip was a sucess with lots of funny stories and memories. I want to do it again I will try to plan ahead on the "cute" stuff so I can be packed in time. NAH....I probally will be packing last minute again.
"Chick Trip 2009" Here we come....Anyone willing to join me?