Thursday, October 16, 2008

A "wIcKEd' Show!

This week I had a great time with my Mom going to California to see "Wicked" the theater production. (She took me for my birthday present from 2 years ago...lolol. we finally found time.) It was amazing! I caught myself several times staring with my mouth open and also getting chills from the wonderful work these actors did. I love this story better than the "Dorothy"Version......... I think I am more of an "Elphie".
Before the show Mom and I went down to the Fabric Market. What a great place to find fabric at great prices. When we went to the theater that night we got to walk down the Hollywood Stars.......we stepped on one of my ancestors! Spring Byington is my Great Grandmothers Sister. I had to take a picture....if I can figure out how to get it off my cell phone I will post it.
Thanks Mom for a great trip!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Break

Fall break is about to end. As a family we tried to enjoy the days we could with all of us home. Rian leaves in a little over a week. For a couple of days we camped on the lake and enjoyed our last moments of the season wakeboarding, tubing and surfing.

We played frisbie, football, had a fire and everyone got along.....even Rylee commented how great it was being all together having fun. We all voted that next year we had to do this again. I kinda chuckled to my self that the least amount of money we have ever spent on a family vacation was this little camp out and of course it was their favorite. It just proves that you can still have wonderful life moments together and not waste money doing it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Teenagers and Cell Phones

Teenagers and their cell phones...... It surprises me sometimes "WHERE" they text on their phones. Recently Cody had to purchase a new phone. Why you ask? Did it just stop working? yes. Did he drop it? That would be a BIG yes. But WHERE did he drop it is the best question to ask. Read this comic strip....... My Dad saw this in the sunday paper and had to send it on to me. You see, Cody dropped his phone in THE TOILET. What person leaves his phone hanging on his pants or talks/texts on the phone in the bathroom? Obviously my teen son.
He sheeplishly brings it to me.....eeeeeuuuuh. And I tell him the best chance at trying to salvage it is to: 1. wash it off before HAZMAT comes. 2. put it in a bag of rice (ancient chinese secret that helps draw out moisture). After following my instructions (IF ONLY he had listened to me in the first place about not hanging his phone by his pant waist) it did "kinda work" for a few months till his birthday came around and he got a new one.
Can I curse him now that he has a kid just like him?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oh The Silly Traditions ..

Oh the silly traditions we do in each of our families. I am sure many of you can name a few. In my family one of my favorites is the "butter on the nose when it is your birthday" tradition.
We celebrated Rians 19th Birthday last Sunday as a family. This will be his last birthday at home for a while since he leaves in a few weeks to the Philippines....for 2 years. So here is HIS "Butter on the nose" photo.
The tradition is said to have started with my Great Grandpa Harrington. It was passed down to my Tutu (grandma) and then down to my mother and then down to me. It, of course, brings the birthday boy or girl luck thru out the whole year. The birthday person is usually caught off guard by a sneeky family member who smears butter on their nose....All the while the recipient is praying that it has not gone up his or hers nose. It is important to note that the this can ONLY be done one time.