Friday, February 15, 2008

The Heart and Emerson Drive Concert

David Pichette (fiddler )- Check out that smile!
Me with the whole band of Emerson Drive! Talk about a "Moment".

Nancy and Ann Wilson from the incredible group "HEART". The concert was amazing with Emerson Drive kicking off the evening. Then the Wilson women came on stage....... To see Ann Wilson play the guitar is inspiring. Nancy Wilson can still sing her heart out(no pun intended). Dang the 70's and 80's had great music!!!!! My Aunt Kathy, thanks to the fabalous Dell and Alan, got to meet them up close and personal. This was a special moment for her.....They were the "IT" group for her and her hubby. My sweet....yes I said flew her down for the concert event because he rememered how much she loved Heart. Pretty Cool!

My new adventure in Blogging

Yes! I have now entered into the new realm of blogging. Thanks to my sister in law Kory and my friends who have blogs.......
I figured I would contribute to the opionions of the world. Maybe something positive will come out of it. Yep I feel I can contribute. After 41 years of being alive so far, 20 years of marriage, 6 children, living in many places domestically and internationally, and all the cool people who have contributed to my life.......... I must know a little of something. And a little I will make it clear it is. I long to learn more.

Our family trip Hawaii