Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Traditions

I love traditions! Especially the Christmas traditions that we have formed in my family. These are things we look forward to each year. The traditions that we reflect back on year after year. Christmas Traditions can be valuable lessons on what the focus of Christmas should really be for. It also brings fun, great memories and unity to a family. This is why I love our Christmas Traditions. Below are a few of my favorites I look forward to each year.
Christmas Eve is such a blast since Mom and Dad moved to Arizona. They live only a mile away so Getting together happens often. The White Elephant Gift Exchange is so hilarious each year. Of course one gift is always re gifted and shows up each year. Our re gift is a Filipino man riding a water buffalo. Grandpa and Grandma Morgado had this in their collection. I am assuming that they got it when they lived in the Philippines. This year when it showed up as one of the White Elephant gifts it had an extra special reminder for me......My eldest Son Rian is on a Church Mission in the Philippines. It got "stolen' from each other (that is how the game goes) until finally Rylee ended up with it. It is her prized possession now. I wonder if next year it will show up as one of the gifts.....hahaha. The evening always ends with a birthday Cake for Baby Jesus. The youngest member in the family gets to blow out the candle. Ethan, my cute nephew, had the honor.
My children have been taking piano from miss Julie for 12 years now. WOW! Rylee and Kati are still in it and Brock took on the challenge a year ago to join them and learn. So going to the piano recital is so great to see the progress of everyone.
Decorating Mom and Dad's Christmas tree is a blast from the past! Putting up all the old ornaments from when I was a child is so much fun. Plus seeing the ones that my great, great grandmother made brings family to the center of the holidays.

Christmas Jelly has been a tradition in my family for about 9 years now. This recipe was not handed down thru generations but actually from the Schwan guy that delivers ice cream to your door. I saw it in one of their pamphlets and started making it. It became a hit to give to family and friends for Christmas. Every year we go with our dear friends the Wilsons and deliver 'Bread and Jelly' to our neighbors as we are caroling. So instead of figgy pudding our neighbors get brought -Bread and Jelly! A much better treat.

The Lights at the Mesa Temple are always so wonderful to see. This year our teens helped put up some of the lights so it was extra special for them. A display of different nativities from around the world were in the visitors center. And seeing several from the Philippines made me miss Rian even more. My friend Cherie was in town visiting from Atlanta so she was able to join this evening with us. Also the Bizzette family and several of the kids friends joined us.