Thursday, December 3, 2009

Turkey Day...Oh what a day we had

Our Turkey day was filled with Thanksgiving, fun and a ton of food. We had 43 people for Thanksgiving. We had a ton of family come from out of state to celebrate in Arizona. Places like.....Seattle, California, Colorado and Hawaii. It was one of my favorite Thanksgivings. After all it is all about family and the memories for me. My Moms cousins (Andersons and Mckenzies) all came with their children and Grandchildren. My Fathers Brother and his family joined us again....which my kids always love to see Jessie. Jessie even taught the 'Haoles' how to dance the Tahitian. THAT was a site to see. If you look at the photos above you can see my brother really getting into it. And Uncle Stan and Aunt Candace are putting some groove on.
Dad cooked 3 turkeys, Kathy made her homemade stuffing (amazing!), Lana made homemade cranberry sauce, Ada made Cobbler with blackberries from Kentucky. Oh I can go on and on about the fabalous food we had. Thanks to all who brought food!
Getting to know my cousins better was such a highlight for me. I also enjoyed the stories Uncle Stan told about my great grandfather Harrington. My cousin Colleen had the cutest 5 boys you have ever seen who swam in my freezing cold pool.....thats what you get for having thick blood and living in Colorado. Sarah kept busy playing with JJ and Tims darling two children. Everyone got some loving. I am so grateful that everyone made the effort to come out to Arizona. My cup runneth over with gratitude and love for my family.
My AMAZING, FABALOUS, Family at Thanksgiving!


Monica said...

You are amazing! Seriously. No wonder you are exhausted! I can't imagine having that many people. You are the hostess with the mostest! Love your pictures! Those cupcakes were adorable. Fun party girl!

Colleen said...

Thanks for pulling us all together and making us feel like family instantly! We had the most wonderful time, and hope to be down there again sooner than later! You said it, amazing and fabulous!